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Wira Multi Agung

logowma Handicraft Wicker Rattan And Bamboo From Indonesia

Wira Multi Agung is a company engaged in the field of Wicker Basket and bamboo craft industry especially in the field. Until now, the produce are not just in Indonesia, but has penetrated overseas. The products Wicker Basket we produce include Wicker Rattan Animal Basket, Wicker Rattan Bicycle Basket, Wicker Rattan Flower Basket, Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket, Wicker Rattan Garden Basket, Wicker Rattan Gift Basket Wicker Rattan Hamper Basket, Wicker Rattan Laundry Basket, Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, Wicker Rattan Storage Basket, Wicker Rattan Tray Basket, Wicker Rattan Bread Basket, Wicker Rattan Pet Basket, Wicker Rattan Basket Umbrella Basket, Wicker Rattan Lid Basket, Wicker Rattan Magazine Basket, Wicker Rattan Bottle Basket, Wicker Rattan Large Basket, Wicker Rattan Wine Basket, Wicker Rattan Rustic Basket, Wicker Rattan Koboo Grey Basket, Wicker Rattan Grey Basket, etc.

WMA Manufacturer Handicraft is based Home Industry as well as the original exporter from Indonesia. In the early days of our ancestors are known as producers of handicrafts from bamboo that grow in our own area, as for the products such as kitchen utensils, Fan, Hats Caping and others. At the time of our ancestors supplying a wide range of bamboo craft outcomes to various areas. We are the next generation seeks to preserve and maintain the art of craft already flowing within us.

Here we were thinking of how to preserve the art of craft that has been flowing in us. The way we do is to think creatively and innovate by combining art and crafts. At one point we saw raw rattan and applied into our products, and the result was quite satisfactory and acceptable to the local market

Since then we started expanding in marketing, which had been our market segment rural to an urban society that is certainly what is needed to adapt products urban communities. such as chairs, tables, place magazines, Hampers, children's toys basket, flowers vase / basket, parcel basket etc. all of which are made of rattan raw materials and some being combined with bamboo. Urban market response was very good.

At that point we got an offer from the export of rattan and bamboo crafts, and we took advantage of that opportunity as possible, and the result was very encouraging. Response overseas markets are receiving our products, because there they appreciate handmade products to those made by machine. To date in addition to export to overseas we also serve the local market.


Jl. STPI Curug Gg. Vihara Margasari No. 27
Curug Kulon, Curug, Tangerang 15810
Banten, Indonesia


Mr. Kusmana (Local Marketing)
Mobile Phone: +62 812 8952 616

Mr. Rizki Koswara (International Marketing)
Mobile Phone: +62 852 8003 5521

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