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Wira Multi Agung

logowma Handicraft Wicker Rattan And Bamboo From Indonesia

Wira Multi Agung is a company engaged in the field of Wicker Basket and bamboo craft industry especially in the field. Until now, the produce are not just in Indonesia, but has penetrated overseas. The products Wicker Basket we produce include Wicker Rattan Animal Basket, Wicker Rattan Bicycle Basket, Wicker Rattan Flower Basket, Wicker Rattan Fruit Basket, Wicker Rattan Garden Basket, Wicker Rattan Gift Basket Wicker Rattan Hamper Basket, Wicker Rattan Laundry Basket, Wicker Rattan Picnic Basket, Wicker Rattan Storage Basket, Wicker Rattan Tray Basket, Wicker Rattan Bread Basket, Wicker Rattan Pet Basket, Wicker Rattan Basket Umbrella Basket, Wicker Rattan Lid Basket, Wicker Rattan Magazine Basket, Wicker Rattan Bottle Basket, Wicker Rattan Large Basket, Wicker Rattan Wine Basket, Wicker Rattan Rustic Basket, Wicker Rattan Koboo Grey Basket, Wicker Rattan Grey Basket, etc.

Rattan Baskets Black Wash

One of the products that we produce is Wicker Basket Black Wash, By applying this technique, the curves or the sidelines webbing may give the impression of an antique or classic Wicker Basket caused by the depth of the dark shades of black color of the product created Wicker Basket, and may show the beauty of the fiber or the texture of the base material of Wicker Basket.

Rattan Basket White Wash

Wicker Basket Products wich we produced has high quality wich can not take apart from finishing techniques. One of wicker basket product we have is wicker basket white wash here we can see the product wicker basket with two basic colors namely white can and color effects. Finishing techniques that we apply to wicker basket white wash basically the same as wicker basket black wash techniques, is by our secret formula finishung techniques. In the finishing process we use environmentally friendly material namely water based materials.

Rattan Baskets Natural Lacak

To produce Wicker Basket that look natural needed raw materials and quality finishing techniques. One that we did to produce Wicker Basket is the finishing technique. First of all Wicker Basket given base layer, and then given a final coating by using clear Top Coating (Paint transparent). With this technique the fiber Wicker Basket will look more natural, and the colors of Wicker Basket will appear with it's natural charm.

Koboo Grey Rattan Baskets

One of Wicker Basket we produce is Wicker Basket Koboo Grey, grey that arises is the natural color. To get the natural color of Wicker Basket koboo gray is by soaking the koboo white (material) in muddy water. To get high quality koboo grey, the soaking needs around 2 to 3 weeks.The refore we need longer time to produce the product.

Fitrit Rattan Baskets

Wicker Basket that we produce is processed entirely by hand using skills (hand made). The finishing techniques that we apply to products Wicker Basket is to provide a base layer that is sanding sealer and then given a final coat with a clear top coat color that we want.


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Curug Kulon, Curug, Tangerang 15810
Banten, Indonesia


Mr. Kusmana (Local Marketing)
Mobile Phone: +62 812 8952 616

Mr. Rizki Koswara (International Marketing)
Mobile Phone: +62 852 8003 5521

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